Empowering Me Too


Sexual Harassment is riddled with the abuse of power and lacking of all boundaries. Accusations of sexual misconduct are bringing down powerful men every day. For almost twenty years now I have devotedly and successfully empowered hundreds of women to lead the lives they desire and deserve. As a Coach I can help you discover the strengths that lie within you and awaken those strengths so your life is lived from a place of truth, resourcefulness, and joy. Processing practical boundaries and implementation of those boundaries is key to living the life that you are worthy of. Boundaries are asserting your desires and needs and not being accusing or defensive. This is something you can learn now or is within your reach. Women are currently taking them to a whole other level — so can you. Living your life from that place is such a gift to each and every one of us and now is the time to open up that gift. Coaching is a resource that is confidential and outside the realm of family, friends or co-workers. You and I can explore options and what steps should be taken next by opening up your resources to guide you. With my professional psychology background therapy and coaching does not have to be an either/or. It is all in the conversation that awakens your strengths, resilience, dignity, curiosity, and empowerment. I am happy to walk beside you through your journey. There is a community that is waiting to take your hand and greet you, stepping into a vast society of support —
You are not alone.

My blog is on www.medium.com called empoweringmetoo by Lisa Etzel. It is a place where I have written about the trials and anguish that go along with sexual harassment. The power and courage it takes to have hope and to speak your truth. The gratification that can come with exposing the accused. The support needed for someone who has stepped forward and spoken out about his or her own personal sexual harassment. Emotions and circumstances that arise when honesty is in the forefront. Women are insisting on gender equality and speaking out with a force that has implemented cultural change along with creating a momentum of forcible and well-needed boundaries. Support is crucial in such an impactful and emotional time. Support from family, friends, organizations and co-workers. I can also offer that support to you if you are in the throes of being sexually harassed, amidst a legal battle or unsure what the next step in your process should be. I have walked many paths with many women awakening their inner-strength, uncovering their resources, their power, distinguishing what their needs are, embodying dignity and respect. I would be honored to walk that path with you as a Coach.

#MeToo #TimesUp
Lisa Etzel, MA, LCPC, BCC
Transformational Life Coach.

Each one of us holds a place within where there is the power and energy to create, achieve, innovate, and flourish. It’s a place unburdened by fear, judgment, and life’s responsibilities. Join me in awakening that place.

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